Early Fall 2019 Stack,  Seasonal Stacks

Early Fall 2019 Stack

We have had a lot of unseasonable rain and stormy weather so far this summer, but I don’t let the current temperatures influence my projects too much. I try to use the calendar dates to make my sewing plans.

Ah, sewing plans…..My favorite!

So, do I stick to a plan or do I allow for creative inspiration to strike? Well, Both! To avoid overwhelm or lack of focus, I plan a mini-capsule of 4-5 garments every 1-2 months. I don’t have hard and fast rules about the numbers or timeline or even specific garment categories, this is just the pace that works for me . It allows room for those patterns or fabrics that jump out at me and spark an idea, while encouraging me to thrift (if you know me, you know I thrift 75% of my fabric!) or invest in fabrics ahead of time and keep my budget neat. I set up a general color palette and think about garments that transition well through the seasons and pair easily with the clothing I already own. I lay out the fabrics and the patterns ahead of time, and sew them up in between guest blogging, pattern reviewing, etc. I also utilize sketching (they are very primitive sketches!) to help me visualize and give me something to do at the table while my boys are coloring.

Over the next few weeks, I will share my early Fall stack [ of sewing plans]. How I chose the fabric and patterns, and how I will incorporate them into my wardrobe. I love to hear about sewing plans, so let me know what you’re sewing!


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