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Alter-it-August #1: Jurrasic Measures

I love when an Instagram challenge lines up with what is going on in my own sewing room and closet! When Mia from Sew North announced she was hosting #alteritaugust , I was all in. Go check out her blog for details! I have set a goal of 3 specific projects for the month of August, to alter and share. Lets begin!

Garment: Modcloth sweater dress.

From: Value Village (thrifted).

Why I don’t wear it: It has been hanging in the closet (and survived 2 purges because of its great print and super soft feel). I will sheepishly admit I had no real plans to wear this. I don’t wear sweater dresses. I barely wear leggings. Its just not an outfit I reach for.

The Plan: During this same time, I have been searching for the right cardigan pattern and fabric to use as a transition layer into Fall. Then it hit me- the most economical and sustainable cardigan option is the sweater dress I already own! Not to mention a great neutral print.

Materials: Bias binding, already in stash. Stable knit fabric for patch pockets, already in stash.

Process: Hacking a pullover into a cardigan style is very simple. If you can sew a straight line, you are basically done! Just mark out the center line down the front, and finish the raw edges with bias tape .

This alteration works for pullovers that don’t fit well, or are just a layer you want to be able to remove easily. If you want to add snaps or buttons, the edge is stable and clean.

The only thing I really need my cardigans to have is pockets [for snacks and hot wheels cars]. In this alteration, there aren’t any scraps to match with, so I opted for a contrast ponte knit in my stash that coincidentally has a reptilian print on it. I made the patch 7″x 10″ with a 1″ top hem, and folded 3/8″ around the sides and bottom. I attached them with my edge-stitch foot which gets used AT LEAST as much as my straight stitch foot. Its the greatest. (No need for a stretch stitch on the patch pockets or down the plackets.)

Review and thoughts: It took about 20 min, it is now my favorite cardigan, and it feels great to have changed something I’d never wear into something I’ll never take off. (Kidding… sort of.)


Paired with my Super Basic Tank (FREE PATTERN ALERT) by Halfmoon Atelier Patterns, and pattern-mashed-distressed-mom-jeans ( coming to the Minerva Crafts blog soon!)

I hope you will be inspired this month to make something wearable out of something not!


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