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A Darn Good Pillow Cover (+Tutorial)

I couldn’t resist using the bright teal recycled sari silk from Darn Good Yarns for a pop of color in my neutral-yet-vintage living room. I love mixing pieces inspired by every bygone era, and this textured slipcover adds even more interest. You can find the pack of recycled sari silk here, and see my post about other fabric in my pack here.

I have a quick tutorial for making this pillow cover, and you can adapt it easily for any size of pillow (even full size or body pillows!). I used sari silk for the front piece, cotton scraps for the back piece, and some leftover fringe from a past re-upholstery project.

  1. Start by measuring your pillow. You need the length and width of the front (seam to seam on most pillows).
  2. Out of your fabric cut ONE front piece and TWO back pieces. Front length= Pillow length + 3″ . Front width= Pillow width +3″ . Back length = Front length/ 2 + 5″. Back width= Front width.
  3. Finish all edges by desired method
  4. Hem mirrored short sides of each back piece. Fold over 1″ and then again 2″ , and sew with straight stitch.
  5. Pin the back pieces together overlapping hems so the stitched lines are directly one over the other. Pin outside edges to front piece, Right sides together. If you are using trim, pin it between front and back pieces facing down towards the right sides of fabric.
  6. Sew around the 4 sides at 3/8″ seam allowance.

Now you have a neat finish with no way for the pillow to slip out ( if you’ve ever slept on silky pillowcases that are open on one end, you may have experienced that!)

Don’t forget to use the code S.IS.FOR.SEW15 for 15% off your entire purchase at Darn Good Yarns– not just their fabric, but all the goodies.

(I will recieve a small commission if you do, and thank you so much!)

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