Sewing A Collection (How I finally started making outfits) Part 1:

*This is going to be a series on my process of sewing a collection, and ending my wardrobe angst. The opinions and issues in this series may only ever apply to me, but since I have spent so much time researching capsules and collections, I will add my experience to it to be taken however it may! *

Lets start with a few things about me.

I used to thrift shop like crazy, I now sew like crazy, and both have resulted in an abundant and spontaneous wardrobe. I teeter between loving organization, loathing excess, and don’t-limit-me-I-love-fashion. However, if my wardrobe (or sewing/shopping habits) was working for me, I wouldn’t be writing this.

I home-school. I wear leggings, jeans, tees, sweaters. It works. Until something else comes up- church, dinners, get-togethers, events..and usually I have ONE garment I know that I want to wear. I am great at deciding that part. Then I open my closet like my kids open the fridge ( full of food) close it again, and declare “there’s nothing to___” It feels like a shelf full of left shoes. NOTE: I do not have to dress for things, I just really, really, enjoy it.

I am not going to delve too deeply into how my closet got here, but I do want to mention that I still think the first couple years of sewing ALL THE THINGS was an education. I learned to sew. I learned fabrics. (I will never stop learning, obviously, but that was the foundations course.)

So, I already know what garments I love and wear most. I can name them, I’d repair or replace them as soon as possible if needed.

For about 4 weeks, I simply jotted down quickly the thing “I wish I had to wear with__” each time I thought it. Then I waited. I didn’t sew it or buy it, I just made note. Now.. I like to think of myself as super versatile, can’t be labelled, loves all the styles. My notes exposed the contrary. I actually only like to wear a pretty modest number of different things. WHO KNEW. This was a good start! I had a list of items that was pretty manageable, and even surprising (Hi, sleeveless blouses).

The purpose of my collection would be as the amazing Emily Hallman advised: not that it will stand alone, but that it will fill current wardrobe gaps and be built upon in future. I already have clothes I love, and I definitely do not want to stop sewing.

Stay tuned for the dramatic continuation of my journey in “Part 2: COLORS”!


  • Tillie

    Grt start to2020.we don’t often come up for air and focus.but boy does it help…I was forceful retired in 2018 and thought I had to pack everyday with some activity..then and stood back and realised I didn’t have to.i could slow down at 68.so I have forfeited the things which don’t fulfill.leaving me time to slow sew.i can’t wait to follow your new choices.πŸ˜‰

      • Roz

        I love this idea and I’m so keen for this series! It has been inspiring to see your collection coming to life on Instagram. I can’t wait to see more. I have been making baby steps towards a collection in the last few months post-breastfeeding my youngest and seeing yours is giving me motivation to keep going πŸ’œ

      • Debbie Robson

        I’ve been wanting to make a little mini capsule for church for a long long time. I guess it could be a module, or collection.
        I home school, and really am pretty happy with my casual wardrobe, but I have almost nothing that fills that step up to a bit dressier. My church is casual, but I’d like to be a little more dressed up than I am around home, just because.

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